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Alternating Relay/Duplex Controllers Ensure Equal Runtime

Alternating Relay/Duplex Controllers Ensure Equal Runtime

The ARM Series high-reliability alternating relays and duplex controllers promise to ensure equal runtime of multiple load installations in pump sequencing, level control, lift station, motor protection, and other industrial applications. The components rely on a microprocessor-based controller that evenly distributes runtime by automatically alternating designated lead and lag loads between two pump sequences. They also feature an inrush delay, which prevents both loads from energizing simultaneously. Units include five UL913 intrinsically safe low voltage/low current control switch inputs, electrically isolated from the control voltage and load alarm contacts. Five LED indicators confirm functionality of the inputs. Additional features include an integral alarm output, control switch fault detection, and a test-and-clear switch. Marsh Bellofram Group, Newell, WV. (800) 727-5646.

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