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Analysis Software A Boon To Power Measurement

The PMA2 Powermeasure Analysis Software crafted by LeCroy brings the analysis capability, customization, and ease of use of the company's X-Stream technology to power-measurement applications. Designed for use with the WavePro 7000 series and WaveMaster digital oscilloscopes, its tools let power-conversion engineers quickly and easily view and analyze signals from switched-mode power converters, such as power supplies, power semiconductors, motor drives, electronic lamp ballasts, and uninterruptible power supplies.

Using either the original PMA1 or PMA2 packages and LeCroy's 350-MHz to 6-GHz bandwidth oscilloscopes, design engineers can plot instantaneous power versus time. They also can measure peak power, safe operating area, total energy dissipation, real and apparent power, and other key power-conversion figures.

PMA2 provides a full range of modulation analysis capability, such as signal width, duty cycle, period, or frequency modulation; level modulation; and modulation analysis for an unlimited number of events or cycles. Users can perform line power measurements, line current harmonic measurements, and pre-compliance testing to EN 61000-3-2.

PMA2 can be used with a WavePro 7000 or WaveMaster Series DSO, including analyzers based on the WaveMaster, such as the SDA Series Serial Data Analyzers. The software costs $1495.

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