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Auto Slides Include Linear Ball Or Crossed Roller Bearings

Said to be highly accurate, a line of two- and three-axis auto-slides are available with either linear-ball or crossed-roller bearings. The components provide a 0.375" diameter 0.1 lead screw with anti-backlash nut and include a NEMA 23 mount for motor installation. With a flexible, zero-backlash coupling, they provide a straight-line accuracy of up to 0.0001 in./in. of travel and a repeatability of 0.0001 in.
The ball-bearing type slides use a set of four hardened and ground shafts that surround the balls at four points, offering the advantage of being self cleaning. The crossed-roller type slides have the rollers alternately crisscrossed with each other, moving between a set of four parallel rods surrounding the rollers. Prices start at $844 for linear ball slides with a 1" travel and 30 lb. load capacity. A variety of leads and pitches are also available.


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