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Automotive MCU/LIN Transceiver Combo Cuts Space, Cost

Infineon-ANeubiberg, Germany: Infineon’s latest embedded power devices merge together an 8-bit microcontroller, LIN transceiver, and related peripherals to save space and cost in vehicle body motor-drive applications. Compared to the previous-generation TLE78xx multichip modules, the single-chip TLE983x devices deliver increased CPU performance and flash-memory capacity, as well as a higher number of high-voltage monitor inputs. Produced on the company’s automotive-qualified 130nm Smart Power technology, the devices cut space approximately in half with their 7mm-by-7mm footprint.

The TLE983x SoC family integrates all necessary functionality for relay drive motor-control applications. The 8-bit microcontroller, derived from Infineon’s XC800, achieves up to 10 Whetstone MIPS at 40MHz, which is comparable to 16-bit microcontrollers. This is combined with a LIN transceiver, voltage regulator, and both low- and high-side drivers on one chip.

Other features include 4kB EEPROM emulation, on-chip debug interface (2-wire), 10-bit analogue-to-digital converter (five channels), up to five high-voltage wake-up inputs, and a PWM unit for external motor control. In addition, there’s a measurement interface for monitoring battery voltage and chip temperature. Low-power mode pushes sleep-mode current down to 25µA; wake-up from low-power mode is possible via a LIN bus message or the wake-up inputs.

The TLE983x SoC family targets LIN-slave motor-control applications that must come in small packages, including window lifts, wipers, sun roofs, power seats, and fan control. The device also can be used in space-constrained LIN-slave applications like keypad interfaces and switch-panel interfaces.
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