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BDC Servos Run Smooth And Quiet

The Series 8000 brush DC (BDC) servomotors feature a seven-slot skewed armature design to minimize magnetic cogging, a.k.a., reluctance torque, to promote smooth and quiet operation. Tailored for data storage, medical/biotech, semiconductor, and automation applications, the motors are available in three lengths of 2.07", 2.195", and 2.445" and achieve peak torques up to 16.8 oz.-in. and speeds to 9,020 rpm at continuous torque. Speed, voltage, current, and torque characteristics are variable depending on the application. Standard features include sintered bronze bearings, two-pole stators, ceramic magnets, heavy-gauge steel housings, silicon steel laminations, and copper graphite brushes. For more details, call AMETEK TECHNICAL & INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS, Kent, OH. (877) 748-8626.


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