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BLDC Motor Integrates PWM And More

Recent additions to the INTEGRA line of brushless dc (BLDC) motors, which integrate control, a BLDC motor, gear head, and an optical encoder into one compact package, include models that combine a 24V BLDC motor with an open-loop voltage mode PWM controller. Controls found in the type 22B/FV or 34B/FV I motors accept PWM inputs from an external motion controller or PLC. They feature amplifier enable, direction input, dynamic braking, a built-in 256PPR, and a 2-channel encoder. Target applications include those that would typically require more costly stepper or high-end servo systems, i.e. office equipment, packaging machines, conveyor systems, medical equipment, graphics machinery, and factory automation. BODINE ELECTRIC CO., Chicago, IL. (800) 726-3463. ) 726-3463.


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