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Booster Motors Deliver 180 lbs. Of Peak Force

The new P booster motors are designed for applications with increased force requirements. Using the company's software version 1.3, up to four of the industrial linear motors can be connected together to achieve forces from 7 to 180 lbs. Booster motors are mechanically attached to achieve the increased force and the software does the rest, giving users the ability to easily scale up if additional force is required. Depending on the application, the motors can be arranged side by side or behind one another. Engineered to provide completely new linear motion capabilities, the motors are suitable replacements or supplements to conventional linear motor technologies such as stepper motors, servo motors, mechanical cams, pneumatic cylinders and mechanical levers. Due to their integrated sensing and bearing, the motors are claimed to be intrinsically free from mechanical play, gearing or belt wear, and provide long life, low cost and simple handling.

Company: LINMOT

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Components
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