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Brake Motors Halt Heavy Duty Loads

Designed to rapidly stop or hold heavy-duty loads, the company’s enhanced, integral fail-safe electromagnetic brakes have been coupled with its five-phase stepper motors to produce the AM brake motors in standard NEMA 23 or Metric 34 size packages. Holding torque for the brakes ranges from 41.66 oz.-in. to 138.87 oz.-in., and motor torque ranges from 51.4 oz.-in. for a size 23 motor up to 527 oz.-in. for a size 34 component. Users can choose from brake activation times of 35 ms or less and brake release times of 50 ms or less. Other features of the brake motors include a dielectric strength capable of withstanding 500V at 50 Hz between the motor windings and frame for one minute. Insulation resistance is stated as 100 M_ or better with 500V applied between the motor windings and frame. Operating temperature range is from 0_C to 50_C.For more details and prices, contact NYDEN CORP, San Jose, CA. (408) 232-7700.


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