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Bridge Drives Two Brushless Motors

The 7I29, a Dual H bridge driver for two brush type motors or other inductive loads, sports a current rating of 15A continuous at175 Vdc per axis. Each bridge provides selectable over-current limits of 0.75 times and 1.5 times rated current. Via low-on-resistance MOSFETs and high performance gate drivers, the unit supports switching rates up to 100 kHz. Gate power comes from logic-side power so the drivers are functional all the way down to 0V motor power supply. Other features include 2.5 kVrms of isolation from motor-power to logic-side control signals and encoder-input conditioning. Encoder inputs can be either single ended or differential. Price for the 7I29 is $205 each/100+. MESA ELECTRONICS, Richmond, CA. (510) 223-9272.


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