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Brush And Gear Motors Minimize Reluctance Torque

With the goal of reducing reluctance torque, the Series 14000 brush-commutated, dc and gear motors employ 11-slot skewed armatures that promise to minimize magnetic cogging. The dc motors are available in seven lengths and can achieve peak torques up to 410 oz.-in. and speeds up to 4,230 rpm. Gear motors are also available in seven lengths with four ratios from 5.9:1 to 218.4:1, and they deliver peak torques to 175 oz.-in. standard or 500 oz.-in. with high-torque, wide-face gears. In addition to a modular design, shared features include post armature assembly, diamond-turned commutators, resin-impregnated windings, and copper-graphite brushes. Speed, voltage, current, and torque characteristics can be varied for unique applications. For more details, call John S. Wolfe at PENNENGINEERING MOTION TECHNOLOGIES, Harleysville, PA. (877) 748-8626.


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