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Brush Motor Eliminates Wire-Wound Coil

The TG3300 series slotless, brush PM motor employs a unique armature coil assembly that eliminates the iron core found in conventional motors. This design is said to eliminate cogging torque and hysteresis losses while maintaining high efficiency over a wide range of speeds. The TG3300-70B provides a maximum continuous torque of 80 oz.-in. at 10,000 rpm when operating from an input voltage of 24 Vdc and a current of 27.5A. Weighing less than 34 oz., the motor is rated for 1 hp and has an efficiency of 89%. Measuring 2" in diameter and 3.75" long, the brush motor also features an armature inductance of less than 20 µH, a line-to-line resistance of 87 m? at 25°C, and operation in ambient temperatures up to 160°C. THINGAP MOTOR TECHNOLOGIES, Thousand Oaks, CA. (805) 496-8501.


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