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Brushless Controller Sports Compact Design

Measuring just 57 mm x 36 mm x 24 mm and weighing 20g, the DEC 24/1 brushless motor controller operates in either open- or closed-loop mode and will control the motor speed based on an external voltage signal or via an internal potentiometer. Inputs include direction, brake, and enable functions. An optional speed monitor output is available. Over a supply voltage of 5V to 24 V, the controller has a maximum current output of 1A continuous and 2A peak. Maximum speed is 120,000 rpm when used with a two-pole motor. Ambient operating temperature is -10_C to 45_C. Targeted applications include semiconductor manufacturing, robotics, test and measurement instrumentation, and med- ical systems. For further information and price, contact MAXON PRECISION MOTORS, INC., Burlingame, CA. (800) 865-7540.


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