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Brushless DC Motors And Gearmotors Eliminate Cogging

An extensive line of ELCOM II slotless, brushless dc motors and gearmotors offers long life and high performance in applications ranging from imaging and medical devices to mass storage and office automation equipment. The slotless construction of these motors eliminates magnetic cogging to provide smooth, quiet operation. This approach also is said to significantly reduce inductance to improve current bandwidth for responsive control and superior acceleration characteristics.The motors and gearmotors are available in three frame sizes, represented by motor Series 3400, 4400 and 5400 and gearmotor Series GM3400, GM4400 and GM5400. Each grouping offers several length and performance options. All feature a modular design that promotes customization with a wide range of components designed to meet application-specific torque, noise, output shaft and cost needs.Customization options include Hall sensor feedback for six-step commutation at 60 electrical degrees and integrated HP incremental optical encoders.

Company: PITTMAN

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Components
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