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Brushless DC Motors Built From Kits Save Space

Motion applications having tight space restrictions are expected to be the primary users of a line of slotless, brushless DC motors made from newly developed kits. The motors are said to offer cogless, jitter-free direct drive operation.
The stators consist of a high-density copper winding positioned inside a toothless laminated stator ring to eliminate torque cogging and ripple and to reduce noise. The rotors, fabricated from rare earth magnets, are available in diameters ranging from 1.3" to 15". Speeds range from less than 0.25 revolutions per hour to over 100,000 rpm, with torque constants extending to over 600 oz.-in./A. Options include: magnets in various arcs and rings of all sizes; magnetic and mechanical air gaps; number of poles and pole spans; back-iron thickness; magnetic densities; and copper fill.

Company: EADMOTORS - Elinco Division

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Components
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