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Brushless Servo Delivers High Torque

Using the company's electromotive coil technology, the TG2300 series NEMA 23 frame brushless dc servomotor is capable of peak torque up to 574 oz-in and speeds up to 7,200 rpm. The technology employs multiple copper sheets to replace the magnet wire and iron core, an approach that allegedly eliminates magnetic saturation, eddy currents, and the hysteresis common to standard iron-core motors. Other features include input voltages up to 48V, a continuous power density of 7.5 W/oz at 48V, rotor inductance of 10 µH, terminal resistance of 0.31 milliohms, real-time error of less than five counts per 81,920 counts per revolution (0.006%), and an operating temperature up to 100°C. For more details, call THINGAP MOTOR TECHNOLOGIES, Ventura, CA. (805) 477-9741.


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