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Brushless Servomotors Offer High Torque Density

The highest torque density in its class is claimed for Goldline XT Series brushless servomotors. The units’ patented interior magnet design offers low cogging. Typical applications include packaging, semiconductor processing and factory automation.A wide range of torque ratings, frame sizes and speeds are offered in a rugged package. The XT 30 model has continuous torque ratings from 1.3 to 5.0 Nm (1.0 to 3.7 lb.-ft.) and speeds up to 6000 rpm. Using the firm’s magnet design, the motors’ high torque to inertia ratio delivers rapid acceleration while their low cogging torque ripple offers smooth machine operation. Other features include: encoder feedback, NEMA 34 and 100 mountings, a built-in thermostat, UL recognition and CE compliance. The servomotors also offers a full range of options, including IP-65 and IP-67 sealing, an integral brake, and resolver feedback. And they are matched with Servostar CD digital amplifiers for 115/230 vac operation.


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