Car Door Actuator System Makes Window Relays Redundant

Car Door Actuator System Makes Window Relays Redundant

Geneva, Switzerland: STMicroelectronics (ST) has introduced what it’s calling the first multi-functional door-zone driver with an integrated electric-window control (see the figure). A leading German car manufacturer already has selected this chip for use.

Today, equipment manufacturers use relays to drive electric-window motors. ST’s door actuator driver redefines the established system topology, removing the need for mechanical relays in car-window control. This cuts component costs and eliminates expensive electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) countermeasures associated with the existing solutions.

This door-zone driver also supports adjustable window speeds related to the position of the window—soft start and shutdown. It reduces noise levels with the removal of the relay as well.

ST’s L99DZ80 embeds SPI-programmable (serial peripheral interface) slew-rate control intellectual property (IP) that can drive four external MOSFETs in a half-bridge configuration dedicated to PWM-driven (pulse-width mode) electric-window applications.

Other features include six bridges for double door-lock control, mirror fold, and mirror-axis control, together with a high-side driver for mirror defroster, bulbs, and LEDs.


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