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Chip Seamlessly Connects PCI Bus To Motorola Processors

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This next-generation 32-bit PCI bus mastering interface chip is designed to seamlessly connect to, and take full advantage of, Motorola's MPC860 PowerQUICC and MPC850 processors. The PCI 9054 I/O accelerator is said to be the industry's first hot-swap-friendly interface chip for PCI- and CompactPCI-based telecommunications, networking and other high-bandwidth systems. Using firm's Data Pipe Architecture technology, a dual-channel architecture that provides complete control of bus, memory and data transfer, the PCI 9054 gives MPC850/860 telecomm and networking applications flexibility and high performance. Its seamless connection to the MPC850/860 results in faster design cycles while making full use of the processor's capabilities in embedded and adapter products.

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