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Combination Schottky Diode IGBT Cuts Costs, Boosts Efficiency In Inverters

The CID150660 power switch and diode combination pack (co-pack) incorporates a 6-A, 600-V Cree silicon carbide Schottky diode along with a 15-A silicon insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) from International Rectifier. The Cree co-pack solution, available in an industry-standard TO-220-3 package, is designed to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of inverters used in solar, UPS, and motor-drive power applications at levels up to 3 kW. The device is the first in a series of co-pack products targeted at reducing IGBT switching losses up to 50% and overall inverter losses up to 25%. The devices are drop-in compatible with existing all-silicon units. The CID150660 is sampling now. Additional information about the co-pack devices may be obtained at www.cree.com.

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