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Compact Encoder Deliver 160,000+ Counts

Measuring 1.5" in diameter, the L15 incremental encoder is capable of delivering up to 40,640 cycles per turn in a control system. An internal electronic-multiplication function boosts output resolution up to 16 times with no degradation of overall encoder accuracy. A maximum of 162,560 counts is available by employing a standard quadrature detection option available on most PLCs, counters, and controllers. This option for the encoder abets space- or weight-limited applications such semiconductor fabrication and industrial robotics. The encoder comes in a size-15, servo-mount package with a 0.25" diameter stainless steel shaft and supports up to 5-lb. radial or axial loads. BEI INDUSTRIAL ENCODER DIVISION, Goleta, CA. (800) 350-2727.


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