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Compact Linear Positioners Are Versatile

Designed for compact applications, the Dynact LP050 linear positioner is 2.1" high x 1.6" wide, and including the in-line motor, is just 8" longer than the stroke length. Stroke lengths of up to 36" are available in 1" increments. For horizontal or vertical mounting, these positioners have a 60% duty cycle with up to a 10-lb. load. Motor/lead screw combinations offer speeds up to 8 in./s and thrusts up to 20 lbs. Motor options include NEMA 17 steppers, 12 or 24 vdc brush type motors and gearmotors. Lead screw options include stainless-steel acme screws, and 1/4", 1/16" or 1/20" leads with high efficiency acetal/fluorocarbon nuts.

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