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Component Cleaner Leaves No Residue

Developed for use in industrial, electrical, electronic and aviation applications, the Electronic Component Cleaner is a 141b/IPA blended, precision cleaner and light-duty degreaser. The component cleaner contains a high-purity formula that is said to penetrate fast and quickly dissolves grease, dust, dirt, lint, oils and synthetic flux from most non-plastic surfaces. It is also reported to be an excellent solution for removing polar soils such as rosin flux and other charged contaminants.
The component cleaner is non-conductive and non-corrosive and is available in 16-oz. aerosol containers for controlled application. It also features the firm's M.S.D.L. material safety data label on the reverse of the product label for quick and easy reference. Applications include contacts, metal switches, motors, relays, generators, edge connectors, circuit breakers, scales and sensors.

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