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Components: Thermal Print Mechanism Is A Cutter Above The Rest

Tiny is the operative word for the FTP-627MCL401, a thermal print mechanism featuring a guillotine cutter. The unit measures 21.8 mm high by 81.2 mm wide by 42.2 mm deep and weighs only 100 g. It's less than one-half the overall size of its predecessor, the FTP-627MCL353, and has a 34% lower profile. Speed rate is 100 mm (800 dot lines) per second, and resolution is 8 dots/mm. Head life is 50 million pulses or 50 km of paper, and the cutter life totals 500,000 cuts. Other features include motor reversal, user-selectable partial or full cutting via software, and a separate winder motor for journaling applications. It operates from 0°C to 50°C. Pricing is $58 in quantities of 1000 units, and it's available from stock.

Fujitsu Components America Inc.
(800) 380-0059

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