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Connectors Offer Rugged Two-Way Construction

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The Han ESS industrial connectors offer a matchable electrical transmission of signal and power. Two cage clamp terminations per contact allow designs to multiply signals, bridges, T-connections or lead-through of network signals and power under industrial conditions. The insert features two cage clamp terminations per contact on the termination side. Using a conductor rail, the cage clamp terminations are connected to a special contact that provides vibration resistant connection of wires up to 14 AWG. The series comes with 6, 10, 16, 24, 32 or 46 contacts. Working voltage is 600V UL/CSA and 500V VDE with average current of 16A per contact. A screwdriver is used to connect or disconnect wires. Applications include bus systems, branch connections, distribution and matching of motors. Price starts at $30 each.

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