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Controller Provides Read/Write Data From Browsers

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Supporting popular IT and web standards, including HTTP, XML, SOAP, and SMTP, the 5100 series Blue Fusion controllers allow users to read and write industrial data directly from their web browsers. Via a built-in 10/100 Base-T Ethernet port, the controller can be directly connected to the Internet and/or existing intranets. DIN-rail mountable, rack-mount controller features include digital/analog I/O and servo and stepper motor control. Six user-configurable module bays accommodate the company's digital, analog and motion modules and each controller can handle up to 50 I/O points and up to 6 axes of stepper or servo motor control. Other features include two serial ports for an HMI interface or other serial devices. Programming is accomplished via Quickstep, a step-based language that enables users to create programs modularly using flow-charting techniques. For prices, call Kevin Ferrigno at CONTROL TECHNOLOGY CORP., Hopkinton, MA. (800) 282-5008.

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