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Converter Brake Inverter Fits In AC Drives

The CBI 2 converter brake inverter modules, designated as the MUBW...A7 consists of 10 versions for line voltages from 110 to 440 Vrms. The package is mechanically and pin compatible with many other power packages. The converter section uses 1200V to 1600V semi-fast, planar glass passivated rectifier diodes with a peak reverse recovery current or less than 20% of conventional rectifier diodes. By shortening the commutation notches in the input lines, these semi-fast diodes significantly reduce EMI, making possible a smaller and lower cost input filter. The IGBT inverter stage consists 6 NPT-IGBTs, with breakdown voltages and current ratings from 10A to 50A at 600V and 10A to 35A at 1200V at TC = 80º C. A brake transistor with rated current of 10A to 25A at TC = 80º C is built in. The package has a solid copper base plate. AT THE SITE: product descriptions, pdfs.

Company: IXYS CORP.

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Components
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