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Cortex-M3 Micro Makes Great Gateway

Luminary Micro’s 130-nm, low-power LM3s9000 series features on-chip 10/100 Ethernet MAc/PHy with iEEE 1588 Precision time Protocol (PtP) support, usb on-the-Go MAc/PHy, and cAN 2.0 (controller Area Network), making it ideal as a gateway between networks in addition to handling a range of embedded chores such as motor control. the 100-MHz micro is based on ArM’s latest cortex-M3 core with 96 kbytes of rAM and 256 bytes of battery backed-up rAM. the external peripheral interface supports up to 64 Mbytes of sDrAM. it has a built-in 1%, 16-MHz oscillator as well as a second watchdog timer that supports the iEc 60730 stellarisware library. the stellarisware peripheral library is found in on-chip roM, including a boot loader. the chips can wake up in 1.5 ms from a 4-µA hibernate mode. Pricing starts under $5.


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