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Cost-Conscious PID Controllers Aim At Brushed DC Motors

These affordable motor-position PID controllers are designed for use with medium-sized brush dc motors. They provide 32-bit position control for dc motors with two-channel quadrature encoders and provide direct control via 38.4-, 19.2-, or 9.6-kbit/s serial interfaces. They can store up to 16 trapezoidal profile segments and three PID settings and feature analog position control (1024 positions) with offset and multiplier functions, as well as a velocity control mode. Three models are available: ICON_PID for 1 to 40 V dc at 12 A; the mini MPID for 1 to 30 V dc at 3.75 A; and the micro UPID for 6 to 30 V dc at 2.5 A (the first one requires an ICON_HB). They're priced at $100, $80, and $80 each, respectively, in unit quantities.

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