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DC Gearmotors Operate Longer While Delivering More Torque

Offered in varying lengths and with sintered steel spur gears as standard and planetary gears as options, the LO-COG brush-commutated DC gearmotors are designed to deliver more torque, smoother operation, and longer life in applications such as computer peripherals, imaging systems, automatic test equipment, and factory automation systems. Three different series of the new gearmotors are being introduced: Series GM8000, which spans 11 standard reduction ratios from 6.3:1 to 1803.6:1 and has peak torques up to 100 oz.-in.; Series GM9000 with 12 ratios from 5.9:1 to 4732.5:1 and peak torques up to 175 oz.-in.; and Series 14000 offering 4 ratios from 5.9:1 to 218.4:1 and peak torques up to 175 oz.-in. Other features of the gearmotors include skewed armatures to minimize magnetic cogging, resin-impregnated windings to achieve greater reliability in incremental motion applications, and diamond-turned commutators to help maximize brush life. Options include cartridge brush assemblies, encoders, ball bearings, and RFI suppression.

Company: PITTMAN

Product URL: Click here for more information

TAGS: Components
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