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DC Motor Teams With Geartrain

The smoovy brand 3-mm bidirectional brushless dc motor (model SYH30001) is combined with the 3.4-mm smoovy geartrain to create a very small brushless dc gearmotor. The smoovy gearmotor (model SHH30002) develops continuous torque of 0.07 oz.-in. over the shaft speed range of 0 to 1200 rpm. The planetary gearhead can operate safely at radial loads approaching 2.2 oz. and axial loads approaching 7 oz. Unloaded backlash is 1° nominal, and total gearmotor friction torque does not exceed 0.0021 oz.-in. Motor speed is limited to 30,000 rpm, and overall gearhead efficiency for this two-stage planetary unit is 80%.


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