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Digital Hall-Effect Sensors Detect AC Or DC Current

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Either dc or ac current is sensed by a line of Hall-effect digital linear current sensors. When the sensors sense zero current, their output voltage is equal to their supply voltage. Output voltage remains equal to VCC as long as the sensed current level is less than the operate current level (IOP). When the sensed current level is higher than IOP, the output voltage falls to about 0.2V and remains there until the sensed current level is decreased to below the release current level (IREL). When that occurs, the output voltage again rises to equal VCC.There are 12 models in the VHEDCS sensor line, each of which is said to offer excellent temperature stability, high accuracy and and operating temperature range of -40°C to 125°C. Applications include automotive and transportation diagnostics, power supplies, motor controls, overload protection circuits, and energy management systems.

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