Digital Hall-Effect Sensors Feature Configurable Magnetic Switching Thresholds

Digital Hall-Effect Sensors Feature Configurable Magnetic Switching Thresholds

Factory-programmable digital Hall-effect sensors developed by Melexis Technologies integrate EEPROM memory that enables configuration of magnetic switching thresholds (including hysteresis). The MLX92231 and MLX922111 come factory pre-programmed to precise Hall-effect switch or latch specifications to meet specific customer requirements. The MLX92211 targets applications that require Hall-effect latch magnetic characteristics, while the MLX92231 supports applications for Hall-effect switch magnetic behavior. Both integrate a Hall sensor element with an advanced offset cancellation mechanism, voltage regulator, and open-drain output driver. A 32-bit unique ID code in each sensor provides lifetime traceability. Operating voltage ranges from 2.7 to 24 V, and operating temperature ranges from −40 to +150°C. A low-voltage capability allows them to interface with microcontrollers and other digital ICs placed on supply lines at less than 3 V. They incorporate output current-limit, undervoltage-lockout, thermal-shutdown, and reverse-voltage protection. Applications include automotive (seat-positioning systems, clutch position sensors, brake light sensors) and industrial position sensing in robotics, factory automation, etc.


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