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Digital Linear Actuator Weighs Only 1.2 Oz.

A new bidirectional digital linear actuator (DLA) achieves linear resolution as fine as 0.005 in./pulse. The Series 26DBM DLA targets applications that require precise, measured control of fluids and gases, such as HVAC refrigerant flow control and the measurement and dispensing of medical fluids. The DLA is a modified rotary stepper motor with a rotor that includes an internally molded thread that mates to an externally threaded shaft (lead screw). The rotary motion converts to linear movement, with the travel per step determined by the pitch of the lead screw and step angle of the motor. Energizing the unit's coils (unipolar and bipolar) in proper sequence causes the threaded shaft to move out of, or back into, the rotor in precise linear increments. When power is removed, the actuator shaft remains in position. Weighing only 1.2 oz. with a maximum pull-in rate of 600 steps/s, the 24 models in the Series 26DBM feature two magnet types, ferrite or neodymium, and a linear force up to 8 lb. Series 26DBM is rated with a maximum travel rate of 0.52'' and a maximum linear force (two phases energized) of 128 oz. Price: $53 each/10 pieces or less. THOMSON AIRPAX MECHATRONICS, Port Washington, NY. (888) 554-6684.


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