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Digital Milli-Ohmmeter Measures Wiring And Cables

The dedicated, fully automatic XT560 digital milli-ohmmeter from Xitron Technologies Inc. selects the optimal test current from 100 nA to 100 mA dc to accurately measure resistances from 10 µΩ to 33 MΩ. The meter is well-suited for measuring wiring compensation or cable resistances (when using wiring compensation in Xitron’s 2801/2802 power analyzers). It also can measure the windings of motors or generators, lamp filaments, cable splices, wire-to-wire terminal resistances, heating elements, contact resistance of breakers or switches, connector quality and resistance, fuse resistances, transformers, and grounding connections.

The XT560 auto ranges among nine ranges or may be manually set to a fixed range. It includes a set of Kelvin test clip leads for making four-terminal measurements. Also, it offers ±0.02% accuracy and a measurement speed of 10 samples/s. An RS-232 communication interface is standard.


The XT560 costs $395. Contact the company for availability information.


Visit www.xitrontech.com.

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