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DIP Intelligent Power Module Targets Small Inverters

A new dual-in-line package intelligent power module (DIP IPM) is claimed as a low-cost integrated solution for small inverters. It consists of a three-phase IGBT bridge with associated free-wheel diodes, along with a low-voltage ASIC for driving the lower IGBTs and a HVIC, including level shifting. According to the company, this eliminates the need for external optocoupler isolation while driving the high-side IGBTs. The DIP IPM is available in rating of 3A to 10A at 600V in a mini-DIP package. The series also includes low-frequency (5 kHz) and high-frequency (15 kHz) optimized devices. Targeted applications include inverter ratings of 100W to 2,200W for use in washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioning and other small motor control apps. A single device can replace 10 parts required to implement a discrete solution, the company says. Sample pricing will range from $18 to $47 each/10 depending on the rating. POWEREX, Youngwood, PA. (800) 451-1415.


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