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Direct-Drive Linear Motors Excel At Repetitive Tasks

The new low-inertia, direct-drive, Micro Linear family of motors is designed for precision positioning and scanning applications in medical/biotech instrumentation. The motors are said to be ideal for making the repetitive short distance moves that typically occur in high resolution medical applications. Based on advanced polymer construction, the motors have a tubular design, with 0.016" symmetrical air gap between fixed and moving components. They can complete repetitive 1-mm X-Y movements with 1 micron accuracy in 25 ms and are available with peak force from 19 to 45 Newtons and continuous force from 3.1 to 8.7 Newtons. Peak acceleration ranges from 15 to 25 m/s2 and peak velocity to 3 m/s. Thrust rod diameter is 11 mm, and thrust rod lengths range from 62 mm to 510 mm. The motors operate from 75V dc supplies. Pricing is from $235 each/1-9. For more information, contact Jim Woodward at COPLEY CONTROLS CORP. Canton, MA. (781) 828-8090.


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