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Drive Cables Take On AC Motor Apps

Expanding the company’s known and established IndustrialTuff line of variable-frequency drive (VFD) cables is a variety of components designed for providing greater and more reliable noise protection with the ability to support more powerful ac-motor drives. Part numbers 29528 to 29532 consist of five symmetrical, three-conductor, 1-to-4/0 AWG, 600V UL1277 VFD cables addressing higher-power drives. These drive cables employ two spiral-copper-tape shields for greater flexibility and higher radiated and conducted noise protection. Four 10-to-16 AWG, 600V UL 1277 cables, part numbers 29510 through 29513, incorporate a signal pair for brake applications and feature an overall Beldfoil shield plus 85% TC braided shielding. Also included in the lineup, the Classic series, part numbers 29500 running through 29507, includes eight 2-to-8 AWG, 600V UL 1277, three-strand TC circuit-conductor cables features an overall Beldfoil shield and also includes 85% TC braided shielding for greater radiated and conducted noise protection. For further information, pricing, and availablility and delivery schedules, call BELDEN, Richmond, IN. (800) 235-3361.

Company: BELDEN

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