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Drive Offers Single-, Three-Phase Versions

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Covering 1/2 to 3 hp, 230 or 460 vac single- or three-phase versions, the ACS 140 MicroDrive is capable of responding to input signal changes in as little as 9 ms. A fraction of the size of conventional PWM ac drives, this drive has a power structure that includes hardware and software for commercial and industrial applications such as fans, pumps, agitators, compressors and conveyors. It also includes a PID controller for simultaneous control of industrial process or HVAC applications. The drive includes standard features such as Modbus serial communications, PID setpoint control, seven preset speeds, IR compensation, two programmable relay outputs, and two analog inputs that are set for voltage or current input. It can perform a flying start into a spinning motor and offers a programmable analog output.

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