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Dual-H-Bridge Driver Runs Two Brush-Type Motors

The 7I40 from Mesa Electronics is a dual-H-bridge driver for applications employing two brush-type motors or other inductive loads. Two versions are available. The 7I40L handles 10 A at 40 V dc per axis, while the 7I40H is rated at 7 A at 80 V dc per axis.

Each bridge on the driver has selectable overcurrent limits of 0.75 times and 1.5 times rated current. An overvoltage clamp protects the driver from inductive voltage surges, reducing the need for large motor-supply capacitors. MOSFETs with low on resistances and high-performance gate drivers ensure efficiency and low dead time to support switching rates to 100 kHz.

Gate power is derived from logic-side power so that, unlike other bridges, the drivers function all the way down to a 0-V motor power supply. This enables safe and easy initial setup and testing. The 7I40 also incorporates encoder input conditioning. The encoder input can be single-ended or differential. The driver is compatible with Mesa’s 4I27 or the 4I34M, 4I65, 4I68, 5I20, 5I22, and 7I60.

The 7I40L and 7I40H cost $98.00 in lots of 100 or more. To learn more, go to www.mesanet.com.

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