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Dual Stepper Drivers Deliver More Torque

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Two dual stepper motor driver circuits are said to offer enhanced performance for microstepping applications. The PBL37712 and PBL37713 are based on the company's earlier PBL3771 motor driver and add features such as higher motor voltages, lower power dissipation, and more thermally efficient packaging. Motor supply output voltage can be as high as 60V, allowing the motor being controlled to provide more torque than with lower voltage drivers.The PBL37712 provides 750 mA of continuous output current per channel, while the PBL37713 delivers 900 mA per channel. Each device is a fixed frequency switch-mode (chopper), constant-current driver IC with two channels, one for each winding of a two-phase stepper motor. In addition to microstepping operation, the chips also offer conventional full- and half-stepping modes. The input interface includes a disable input to simplify half-stepping operation. The devices offer an extended operating temperature range and thermal overload protection.

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