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Electric Cylinders Are Durable And Easy To Use

With an improved anti-rotation guide flange system, the N2 Series cylinders are touted for their flexibility, smaller and more economical limit switches, and free customized stroke length. The electric cylinders have a thrust to 600 lbs., speed to 760 mm/s, and stroke to 420 mm. They can come with four motor types to meet a variety of application requirements. All N2 cylinders also come with several time-proven options to enhance operation in the industrial environment. Options include holding brakes, linear potentiometers or encoders for position feedback, and dual rod-end bearings to increase side-loading capacity. Electric cylinders are said to be an ideal replacement for hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders in applications requiring improved control of positions, speed and force. They are claimed to be preferred when moving a load that pivots, or when positioning an externally guided and supported load. They are also said to be well suited for applications with a high concentration of airborne contaminants.


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