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Encoder IC Provides High-Res Speed And Position Feedback

The AM4096 magnetic encoder provides 4096-counts/revolution of absolute position feedback for high-speed digital motor and motion-control applications. The non-contact, 12-bit IC with no moving parts and programmable zero position delivers 0.1° accuracy at speeds up to 60,000 rpm. That level of resolution is ideal for commutation, high-speed motor control, position/velocity control, and replacement of potentiometers and optical encoders. It’s a low-power 3.3-V (or 5-V) device, and has a sleep mode for battery operation. The encoder provides UVW outputs with 16 poles (eight pole pairs), and incremental, absolute, linear (potentiometer), tacho generator, and sinusoidal outputs. It can come pre-programmed or can be user programmed with settings stored in its on-chip EEPROM. The AM4096 consists of a simple magnet and IC, providing an ultra-compact, wear-free design capable of withstanding temperatures from ?40°C to +125°C. All sensor and processing electronics are within the compact silicon design. The rotation of a north/south magnet is picked up by the AM4096's sensor and provides absolute positional information output. RENISHAW INC., Hoffman Estates, IL. (847) 286-9953.


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