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Encoders Suit Wide Range Of Apps

The EN08 Series single-and dual-digital rotary encoders feature an 8-mm design with options for a SPST momentary switch and dual encoders with concentric shafts. Suitable for a wide range of applications that include digital audio/video equipment, navigation systems, appliances, and machine tools, the encoders have mechanical contacts and meet IP50 specs. Three models make up the series: the EN08-N side-adjust, single encoder, SPST momentary switch, EN08-S side-adjust, single encoder without momentary switch option, and the EN08-C side-adjust, dual encoders with concentric shafts. Each encoder has 20 detents per revolution with a rotational torque of detent of 1 oz.-in. Operating life is 50,000 cycles, and the optional SPST momentary switch’s lifespan is 15,000 actuations. TT ELECTRONICS PLC, Corpus Christi, TX. (361) 992-7900.

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