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Encoders Tout Higher Accuracy And Speed Versus Resolvers

A new series of commutating motor feedback encoders is said to make it easier and cheaper for designers to improve machine performance and productivity in stepper and servo motor applications. Flex-Mount encoders use the same physical mounting as resolvers, while boasting of an accuracy of up to 2,048 pulses/revolution and real-time feedback for faster servo loops. The devices are said to combine an encoder's performance with a resolver's mounting ease, with their configuration enabling them to serve as drop-in replacements for resolvers -- they mount to a motor using its servo clamps, and their hollow shafts are coupled to the motor shaft using the jam nut on the top of the motor shaft. In addition, the servo ring provides high tolerance to motor shaft movement and 360° of adjustment to align the signal outputs to the shaft position. Pricing for Flex-Mount encoders starts at $120. DANAHER CONTROLS, Gurnee, IL. (800) 873-8731.


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