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Extended Value Range Distinguishes Current-Sense Resistors

Extended Value Range Distinguishes Current-Sense Resistors

Stackpole_0809-AReplete with a metal alloy plate protected by a thin molded package, Stackpole’s CSM series of current-sense resistors—in 2512 and 0603 sizes—further enhance the company’s available resistance value range. The 2512, which makes it possible to achieve resistance values above 10 mΩ, ranges from 2 to 100 mΩ with a temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR) of 75 ppm. The 0603 offers a 10-mΩ resistance value with a TCR of 100 ppm. Applications are wide ranging, from portable power supplies, battery management, and voltage regulators, to robotics, industrial controls, small motor controls, medical diagnostic/monitoring equipment, and UPS systems, among many others.


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