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Fan Motor Control ICs Deliver Complete Variable-Speed Solution

The ZXBM2000 series of controller ICs offers a complete variable-speed solution for two-phase, dc brushless fan and blower motors up to 100 W. The controllers integrate rotational-speed sensing, locked-rotor detection, and automatic recovery functions into the ultra-small MSOP10 package. Their two-phase drive outputs up to 80 mA to a pair of external MOSFET or bipolar transistors connected to the fan motor windings. While the ZXBM2003 provides a frequency generator (rotor speed) output, the ZXBM2002 has a locked-rotor error output. The ZXBM2001 combines both signals on a dual-function pin. The 1000-piece price for the ZXBM2000 controllers is $0.60 each.

Zetex Inc.
www.zetex.com; (631) 360-2222

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