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Fan Resistor Assembly Has Circuit Protection

This high wattage cooling fan dropping resistor assembly with an in-line circuit protection device is designed to regulate vehicle cooling fan speeds and protect against fan damage due to obstructions. WIN 126 Series assemblies include an automatic resettable circuit breaker attached to the lead wires of the wiring harness. The circuit breaker opens during a cooling fan motor stall condition, such as can occur when an obstruction prevents the fan blades from rotating. During these stalls, the circuit breaker opens when the current reaches a set amperage and remains open until the obstruction is removed of the vehicle engine is turned off, thus eliminating the possibility of motor damage. The heart of this assembly is the firm's PW Series 115W, 0.12 ohm resistor that is presently used for dual speed fan control in cooling systems.

Company: INTERNATIONAL RESISTIVE COMPANY INC. (IRC) - Wire and Film Technology Division

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TAGS: Components
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