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Faster Servo-Loop Enclosures Reset The Accuracy Bar

Because models in the new series of Flex-Mount commutating-motor feedback encoders use the same physical mounting as resolvers, they provide better accuracy of up to 2048 pulses/revolution and real-time feedback for faster servo loops. A user can pull a resolver off the motor and drop in an F10, F15, or F21 encoder (depending on servo ring size) without changing any of the encoder-mounting design or hardware. The servo ring provides high tolerance to motor shaft movement and 360° of adjustment to align the signal outputs to the shaft position. Accuracy, typically 10 arc-minutes, narrows to just 2.5 arc-minutes. With a digital encoder output from the start, there's no delay. Encoder data rates up to 300 kHz allow the motor to accelerate more quickly and the servo loop to respond faster. Diameter sizes range from 1.25 to 2.06 in. Flying leads facilitate a low-profile installation. Prices start at $120. OEM pricing is available for high volumes. Units are available now.

Danahar Controls
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