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Four-Quadrant Servo Amp Drives DC Brush Motors

Providing speed or torque control for dc brush motors rated up to 500W, ADS 50/10 servo amplifier is a four-quadrant unit controlling speed in CW and CCW directions, whether accelerating or braking. The servo amp is directly compatible with most traditional iron-core motors. The PWM frequency of 50 kHz makes the unit compatible with most low inductance motors. Tachometer, encoder, or I x R compensated speed control, as well as torque control modes are selectable using DIP switches. Speed or torque is determined via an external ±10V signal or via a potentiometer. Supply voltage is 12 to 50 vdc and maximum current is 10A continuous or 20A peak. Outputs include ±10V signals proportional to speed and current as well as an open collector ready signal. Dimensions are 180 x 26 x 103 mm.


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