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Frameless Kit Motors Are Easy To Integrate

Designed for high reliability and performance in a compact, easy-to-install package, the Frameless Servo Kit Motors feature high torques from .06 Nm to 12Nm, speeds up to 20,000 rpm and power ratings up to 5 hp. Available in five sizes from 32 mm to 127 mm, Kit Motors are intended for applications where high speeds and compact designs are crucial, such as semiconductor wafer processing and CNC machinery.
Compared to conventional housed motors, these kits integrate directly to moving parts, close to the work. The elimination of compliant parts, couplings and bearings, is said to allow greater dynamic performance and reliability.
This also eliminates potential misalignment problems which can shorten motor life. Because there are fewer moving parts and the design is compact, kit motors are easy to integrate into existing machines.


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